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build me up, buttercup

well, it’s official.  yellow is everywhere this season, from dresses to jewelry to (eek) eyeshadow.  but let’s be honest here, lemon/ citrine/ mustard/ butterscotch doesn’t look that great on many people.  fortunately for you, this shade has also leapt to the home design market and is the perfect way to spruce up your place for spring.

Pantone is a wonderful resource for investigating color forecasts and deciding upon just the right hue and saturation to suit one’s personal taste. it is organized in five sections: print, digital, fashion + home, industrial design, and paint + interiors. clever!

using lemon 13-0752 as a reference point (“idealistic,” “encouraging,” “zesty”), let’s see what we can find in the great big world o’ design…


 Yellow Outdoor Fabrics



 Pantone Moods - Yellow

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