the age of design

get ’em while they’re young

art school shops are a great resource for true up-and-comers – the ones who are still humble and perhaps a bit hesitant to put a price on their work.  (in fact, find a design student you admire and offer double what the whippersnapper asks.)

one outstanding example is SCAD, in savannah, georgia.  here are some selections from more established alumni – not quite bargain basement, but worthy investments nonetheless.


parked planes, by nathan abels

light table

light table, by dan saelinger

 nice little mess

it’s all quite a nice little mess now thank you, by lorie jean corbus

antler tee

t-shirt by we are industry (see?  more antlers.)


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  Nathan wrote @

Nice blog – I love good design blogs. Thanks for support and exposure – Nathan Abels

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