the age of design

drumroll, please

we are very pleased to introduce brynna chernoff, calligraphist extraordinaire and head of paperfinger.* she recently made these creative invitations to announce a dinner in ft. greene – hand lettered and illustrated on a paper napkin.

bryn chernoff - invitation cover

brynn chernoff - invitation text

*website coming soon; in the meantime, email her for all your lettering needs. (including casual brooklyn brunches, springtime croquet tournaments, and island weddings in new england.)



  Tara wrote @

Her work is beautiful…

  Craig wrote @

I want her to do all my graphic design from now on! What an original thinker!

  Tim wrote @

I love that the handwriting is updated and modern but still maintains an organic and authentic feel. Very personalized. Much less pretentious than your average calligraphy but still sophisticated. Great work.

  Cate wrote @

LOVE this. Beautifully done. And love how it reminds you of something that was just jotted down on a napkin- a phone number, a note, whatever. One of those random keepsakes.

Love that red balloon too…

  coco wrote @

i have always been impressed by how Bryn perfectly blends her fine hand-eye coordination with creative flair, attention to detail, and impeccable handwriting. when we were in college i would sit in wonder at how beautifully her hand scrolled across the page…the art she made with a simple pen and paper..effortless!!

a true gift.

unlike anything else i have ever seen.

  Jeremy wrote @

How does she get so much done during the day and still stay so calm and composed to write beautiful invitations in the evening?

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