the age of design

how-to: bathroom

our bathroom is minuscule.  so tiny, in fact, that it will probably never elicit the same appreciation as the living room, even if we gilded it in gold leaf.  there are a few ways to improve even the oddest bathroom, however, and here are some ideas we’re batting around:


reissued thonet bentwood hanger (made by hand, at bauhaus 2 your house)

graphic black and white print (this one by wayne pate of good shape design)

classic white waffle-weave shower curtain (because most shower curtains are abominable)

slider curtain rings (so smooth! metal is also nice but we like the contrast of the rubbed bronze.)

german soap dish (a, why not? and b, how about this one from kiosk?)

Ikea Stockholm Rand Rug

bold black-and-white rug (ikea makes one very similar to a discontinued PB rug.  cut it up if it’s too big.)

also, coating the entire room – trim, walls, ceiling – in super flat white is a vast improvement over beige.


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