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lighting matters

matter is the new york city hook-up for all things lighting-related.  at their ICFF party on saturday we scoped out a few selections:

the torch light cluster by sylvain willenz had all the product designers drooling.  the floor model featured red wiring and less variation in size and height of the headlights.

the louvre by edward carpenter and andre klauser for established & sons references window blinds, scandinavian lighting design, and rear windows of every sort. the one we spotted at matter was done in a natual finish, though it also comes in brass and colored versions.


etsy, take two

shana tabor of in god we trust selects her best etsy picks for new york magazine this week.  let’s be honest: we’ve never delved too deeply into the etsy universe, because it’s overwhelmingly large and cutesy-crafty.  however.  one can find some superior goods with a little digging.  here are a few of shana’s faves that we’ve taken a fancy to:


custom cufflinks by eternallylinked


wood candlesticks with gold leaf by jeanpelle


nyc souvenirs by brooklynrehab


teacup and saucer by bailey doesn’t bark (okay, we were hip to that one)

ps. regular buyers and sellers on the site call themselves “etsians.”  heh.

living vicariously

not recommended for those who can’t handle a bit of envy, deconet is a dreamy collection of modern furniture from across the world.  think of it as 1st dibs, but with refined search functions and an easier interface.

we love this two-seater by finn juhl from 1941 – it’s kind of like the papa bear chair, but even more rare and expensive.  (big sigh.)

Frohe Weihnachten!

Stopped in Kiosk the other day and spotted these gift sets packaged especially for the holiday season – each one, a tiny collection of Kiosk’s best hits.  For the person who has it all, this adds a welcome dose of design to everyday objects.


gift set #6

Kiosk is located on Spring Street between Broadway and Mercer in Soho and on the internet at their online shop.

saving space on the table

means more room for treats!  (i.e. cheese plate, fig spread, fresh baguette, juicy grapes, dill pickles, and pumpkin pie.  sort of embarassing that it’s our dream meal, but we digress…)


and together!

recommended for use with creamer and sugar cubes, but the possibilities are endless…  trio by camilla kropp at unica home (also in clear glass).