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we just found a new (to us) site to drool over called RUM magazine. it’s all in danish so don’t feel ashamed when you skip the words and ogle the pictures. ps. as you can see, the danes do desks like nobody’s business.


nice package

we stumbled across the packaging design blog lovely package and we can’t tear ourselves away.  it’s a pleasure to find quotidian items that are so thoughtfully designed (funny enough, most of them are liquid in measure.)

much more to see here.

I.D. annual design review

the results are in, and as usual, we’re giddy with new products and current favorites.  shot in a portfolio by pal noah kalina, winners range from loft, the chair pictured below designed by student shelly shelly for bernhardt, to the ghostly periodic table by one & co.

"loft" chair by shelly shelly for bernhardt design

in the consumer products department, we especially like the zisha tea project. the purple clay is famed for “retaining heat, preventing oxidation, and gradually taking on tea flavor during years of use.” awesome!

check out the entire list here.

she fell in love with a stool

vintage industrial stool from argentina at architecture artifacts.  this place is virtual treasure trove.

feel this pony

the home of paper pony is scrumptious:

antique stove

 pot of succulents

vintage mitsubishi fan

*this set really shows the importance of a) detail shots and b) a good camera.

et moi, j’adore…

le blog de l’illustratrice garance doré, une fille comme moi:

garance un

garance deux

regardez ses illustrations et photos des looks toujours parfaits des jeunes femmes parisiennes.

allez hop!