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catalog dose of design

j. crew isn’t the most avant-garde of retail manufacturers, but we’re consistently pleased with the details they include in collection after collection.  for example, elbow-length leather opera gloves with perfect little buttons (now on sale for under $50)…

or the lightweight striped scarf with metallic thread from India:

good news in print media

CAT PARTY blogger chelsea fairless must be the intrepid sort, as she’s just managed to put out the first issue of her gem of a fashion magazine called – appropriately – chelsea.  with help from a few friends, the magazine includes smart/funny interviews with visionaire co-founder cecilia dean, designer phillip lim, subversive jewelry‘s justin giunta, and others, as well as a babysitter’s club-inspired fashion diary and two pretty rad fashion layouts (one inspired by kidnapped heiress patty hearst).

pick up a copy at st. marks bookshop in manhattan, spoonbill & sugartown in brooklyn, and show pony in LA.  or send $10 via paypal right to chelsea at

statement jewelry

fiona paxton necklaces are a little bit tribal, little bit rock ‘n’ roll.

(c) lars klove for the new york times

(c) lars klove for the new york times

slippity slide

cliff spencer sliding doors

open sliding doors

sliding doors made from recycled wine barrel oak by cliff spencer.  these will go perfectly in our 3,000 square foot loft filled with mid-century modern original edition furniture!

wear your marimekko

macet dress

model = a bit weird.  macet dress = holy grail of marimekko apparel.