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not so common

it’s not often we write about fashion (men’s fashion, no less), but these are too good to pass up.  the new york brand common projects makes literally the. perfect. sneaker.  and whether you want to spend upwards of $300 on long-lasting, basic footwear that will go with everything in your closet forever, well, that’s up to you.  and your girlfriend.

look for stockists here.

to do list

browse the incredible selection of type and design posters at ISO50.

shopping list

the latest IKEA goodies, parsed for your reading pleasure:

lowest of the low

limmaren bathroom set, $9.99

almhult mug, $0.29 (seriously!)

whatta bargain

forsytia bedspread, $29.99

malte bar stool, $39.99

totally affordable

melbu bedside table, $69.99

a relative steal

klinteby rug, $149

flytta kitchen cart, $149

wait, i can spend this much at IKEA?

stockholm sofa, $1499

just call us uncle sam

’tis the season of tax rebates, and we’ve got more great monetary news for you.  well, jen bekman does, as she’s giving a 20% discount on 20×200‘s entire remaining inventory this memorial day weekend.

see, you just saved $400 on this original archival pigment print by amy park.

(enter code RIDONK at checkout to get the deal.) 

sample sale!

madeline weinrib rugs are pitch-perfect: lush color tones, well-designed patterns that aren’t too busy, and comfortable, durable materials.  you will pay for that luxury, however, so news of a sample sale is a very good thing indeed.

up to 60% off through may 11 at abc carpet & home, broadway at 19th street.

red hook-ed

erie basin is a tiny, carefully curated shop in red hook, brooklyn, that stocks mostly vintage and some contemporary jewelry.

say this three times fast*

myxplyzk is a darling little shop in the west village with a fun and free-wheeling selection of designage-approved items. such as:

nigella serving hands

nigella serving hands

zephyr tea kettle

zephyr tea kettle

lampa star chandelier 1lamaa star chandelierlampa star chandelier 3

lampa star chandelier

* okay, it’s not that hard. mix-ee-pli-zik. and bonus points for picking up that reference!