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two makes a trend


what’s with all the great stools we’ve spotted recently?  and when the hell would we ever actually need a barstool?  probably never, but these vintage charlotte perriand pieces from les arcs ski lodge in france would be our top pick.  those things are, for lack of a better word, fabulous.

green thumb

grobal pots

grobal makes keeping plants alive easy peasy. and at $15 apiece and eight different colors, now is the time to start that succulent garden you always dreamed of.

all lit up

designed for swedish brand wastberg

brit interior designer, author, and former editor of elle decoration ilse crawford designed a gorgeous lamp (using wood, porcelain, and cast iron) for swedish brand wastberg.  crawford’s tagline, “modern and emotional design,” translates to a warm, fruitful home environment that doesn’t forgo contemporary taste.

ouais, je t’aime

french industrial bookshelf

french industrial bookshelves at wisteria, from $499 on up.



locoroco cocoreccho!

fun to say and fun to play, this may be the cutest damn videogame ever made.

locoroco 1

locoroco 2

locoroco 3

*easy enough for beginners, too.  read on for more…

pony! wallpaper!

by florence broadhurst, naturally:

florence broadhurst - pale sky horse stampede

at WandRLust.

top o’ the mornin’ to yeh

yes. this is yet another design-obsessed site. however, your faithful leader Design Scribe hopes to at least inform, if not entertain and/or enlighten, your design sensibilities. and open your eyes to the far reaches of the design world. or not. hopefully you’ll at least think it’s pretty.


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