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redefine: tiffany blue

did you know… pantone has designated tiffany’s signature robin’s egg blue as pantone 1837, based on the year the store was founded and not their typical color spectrum and numbering? wild. we wouldn’t go overboard with anything turquoise-related, but a few touches here and there are punchy:

redefine: volume

MUJI shower radio, disguised as a design-y shampoo bottle.  sadly not yet available in the US, but the suction cup antenna might be worth the yen conversion.


redefine: yoga mat bag

we love the warsaw line for its rugged simplicity.  heavy duty canvas means durability and an affordable price tag – even better!  the “rifle” bag is lean and mean, an unexpected choice for the discerning yogi in a pack of, well, many.

redefine: church

the incredible structure above is not a space station but a church in spain.  hats off to architects vicens & ramos, because we imagine the experience is nothing short of sublime.

redefine: wristwatch


nooka AL series watches in aluminum: sleek, inventive, and the kind of timepiece even a non-watch-wearer will dig.

redefine: posters as wall art

the small stakes - nouvelle vague

the small stakes - built to spill

the small stakes - nada surf

the small stakes – limited edition screenprinted posters.

redefine: public bathroom

mischak/edwards home

converted firehouse in providence, RI, covered by joyce wadler for the new york times