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just one more thing

and after this, we’re off the topics of wallpaper in general and wallpaper in rosemary’s baby.  until then, let’s just admire this pattern (reminiscent of a certain movie), brought to you by the folks at twenty2 in brooklyn:

 Promenade and Peekaboo Wallpaper

ahhhh… now isn’t that nice?

set design: rosemary’s baby

Rosemary in Bedroom

one of the most unnerving films of all time, with no small part played by the production design of richard slybert.  sylbert also designed sets for the graduate (1967), who’s afraid of virginia woolf? (1966), and chinatown (1974).   thanks to him, we see the woodhouse apartment both before (upper west side old-lady wood-panelled gothic) and after (lovely stark white corridor, architectural detailing, and fabulous mod floral yellow wallpaper).  of course, as pretty as the renovation is, it’s amazing how ominous and oppressive the couple’s apartment becomes when the creepy neighbors start hanging around… 

postscript: if matching is your thing, the set is a perfect complement to mia farrow’s wardrobe of yellow and white baby doll dresses.

post-postscript: how striking is that building?

The Dakota